Hey Palo Alto!

You’re one of the special ones and we want to partner with you!

Tyme wants to partner with the top 50 restaurants in each market to:

Run promotions that your customers want thereby increasing loyalty

Allow you to reach more customers in the Palo Alto Area

Create a co-branded mobile app experience personalized to your customers

Give you insight on what your customers like

Bring you more takeout business

And as a Top 50 Restaurant:

Get 3 months of Tyme for free*

Lock in a low 10% rate after those 3 months*

Join our top 50 restaurant program now!

*Tyme marketing cost waived for the first 90 days. Merchant will only pay credit card processing fee of 2.75% during this 90-day period. After the 90 days, merchant will be grandfathered in to a 10% marketing program fee plus the credit card processing fee of 2.75%. Offer only valid for merchants invited into our top 50 program in each market.